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Eric Zhang, Ph.D.

Vice President
Head of LNP Platform


Dr. Eric Zhang is a co-founder and the VP of LNP Platform at Carcell Biopharma. Dr. Zhang has 10 years of experience in drug delivery, with a focus on the platform of nucleic acid therapeutics delivery, at Translate Bio (now Sanofi), Codiak, and Beam Therapeutics.

Throughout his career, he has dedicated himself to the development of LNP delivery platform for various nucleic acid therapeutics. At Translate Bio, and Beam Therapeutics, he was the leading scientist in lipid discovery team, and published 15 patents on novel cationic lipids. He served a critical role in three mRNA-LNP INDs, which later moved to clinical trials. At Codiak, he led the work on exosome and nucleic acid purification.

Dr. Zhang received his Bachelor of Science in Macromolecular Science from Fudan University, and his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. He was trained as a post-doctoral scholar at MIT and Cornell University for 4 years on drug delivery.

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