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Ronne Yeo, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Ronne Yeo is a biotech entrepreneur, inventor and investor with a track record in creating and growing biotech companies. He is a managing director of EVX Ventures. Since 2016, he has been focused on creating the next biotech venture developing innovative drugs to address major unmet medical needs.

Leveraging his scientific training in extracellular vesicles, Dr. Yeo became a key founding member for Carmine Therapeutics, EVX Ventures’ flagship company and first to expand R&D operations into Boston MA. Carmine is pioneering non-viral gene therapy based on red blood cell extracellular vesicles, with Professors Harvey Lodish, Minh Le and Jiahai Shi as scientific co-founders. As Founding Vice President of Discovery, Dr. Yeo built and led the R&D team to create the Red Cell EV Gene Therapy (REGENT™) Platform to enable targeted delivery of large, complex nucleic acid cargoes and demonstrating redosability and long-term gene expression of DNA cargo, leading to a research collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceuticals in a deal worth over USD 900M, in a span of a little over a year since its founding. Carmine went on to become named as one of FierceBiotech’s “Fierce 15” companies of 2020, designating it as one of the most promising private biotechnology companies in the world. Dr. Yeo continued his role as head of R&D supervising research in both the US and Singapore sites until November 2021 when he moved on to launch a new EVX Ventures portfolio company, Carcell Biopharma, as cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Yeo was Senior Research Fellow at A*STAR Institute of Medical Biology, where he was involved in the preclinical development of mesenchymal stem cell extracellular vesicles - a novel therapeutic modality targeting cardiovascular and immune disorders. Ronne obtained his PhD from NUS Graduate School - Integrative Sciences and Engineering Program (ISEP), and a BSc in Biological Sciences from Nanyang Technological University.

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