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Carcell's Powertrain Platform

The Powertrain Platform is a unified platform core that accelerates the translation of therapeutic modalities from discovery to clinical proof-of-concept

Multiple platform technologies can be supported by the Powertrain Platform

Each technology platform has R&D independence and potential cross-platform synergies

Highly efficient use of capital and resources

IP Filing

and Portfolio Management


Chemistry, Manufacturing 

and Controls


Fund Raising, Contracting and Partnership



Acquisition and

Organization Development


IND Filing

and Clinical Trials

Technology Platforms

Two lead technology platforms under development with support from the Powertrain Platform

Exogenously-Engineered Erythrocyte (E3) .jpg
Exogenously-Engineered Erythrocyte (E3) 

The E3 platform generates engineered red blood cells efficiently and cost-effectively. The products have great potential in treating solid tumor and autoimmune diseases. Carcell is developing the first therapeutic product candidate and quickly moving to CMC and scale-up production.

Gene Therapy 3.0 (GT).png

Carcell is developing its own proprietary lipid nanoparticles to deliver nucleic acids for a variety of applications. Lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) are clinically validated delivery vehicles that are less immunogenic than viral vectors and thus redosable. With different payload molecules, Carcell is leveraging its LNP platform to develop multiple novel therapeutic applications.

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