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Carcell and CATUG enter into a strategic partnership for lipid nanoparticle services

Carcell Biopharma (“Carcell”) and CATUG Biotechnology (“CATUG”) are pleased to announce their collaboration to provide lipid nanoparticle (LNP) services worldwide.


This partnership aims to deliver contract research and manufacturing services globally for clients developing LNP-based drugs. These services will utilize Carcell’s proprietary cationic lipids and unique high throughput in vivo lipid screening platform, coupled with CATUG’s advanced capabilities for large-scale manufacturing of LNP-based drugs. Under the terms of the agreement, CATUG will have non-exclusive rights to utilize Carcell’s LNP technology for servicing its clients.


Lanlin Wu, CEO of Carcell, shared Carcell’s privilege to have CATUG as a strategic partner. She commended CATUG as the embodiment of the high execution speed of Chinese companies and is emerging as an industrial benchmark for gene therapy and nucleic acid drug production. Leveraging a proprietary large lipid library and internally-developed high-throughput formulation technology, Carcell has identified lipids with global intellectual property rights. When compared to industry benchmarks, these novel LNPs have demonstrated superior potency in applications that include vaccines and gene editing. Ms Wu believes that the partnership with CATUG unlocks multiple opportunities in the global non-viral nucleic acid delivery space and will contribute to the dynamic growth of the cell and gene therapy field.


Dr. Xiao Wang, CEO of CATUG, expressed that CATUG is honored to be in a strategic partnership with Carcell, whom possesses a world-class LNP development team and technical capabilities. As CATUG is committed to providing a one-stop CRDMO (Contract Research, Development and Manufacturing Organization) solution to customers globally, she believes that this newly formed strategic partnership with Carcell will empower customers who are seeking unique and high quality LNPs for drug delivery, for instance extra-hepatic delivery to immune cells. Such a partnership presents many opportunities for both parties and greatly accelerates R&D of various gene therapies and nucleic acid drugs.


About Carcell Biopharma

Carcell Biopharma is a pre-clinical biotech company launched by EVX Ventures. Carcell was founded in 2021 by a team of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned biopharma executives. The co-founders include XQ Lin, the chairman and founder of EVX Ventures, Dr. Eric Zhang, Vice President and Head of the LNP platform, and Dr. Lanlin Wu, the former CEO of Dendreon China. In 2021, Carcell closed its oversubscribed Seed round of US$ 16.6 million led by Hyfinity Investments. Operating on a “hub-and-spoke” model, Carcell has two technology platforms including an LNP platform that has accumulated a large library of over 1,500 proprietary cationic lipids. These lipids are available for licensing for the creation of LNP-based drugs against a variety of diseases and applications. Learn more about Carcell’s LNP capabilities at


About CATUG Biotechnology

CATUG Biotechnology provides comprehensive CRDMO services for gene cell therapy drugs and nucleic acid drugs worldwide. With R&D centers in Suzhou and Wuhan, CATUG has an expert team from top international and China-based biotech companies that focuses on innovation in gene and nucleic acid therapy. CATUG deploys four cutting-edge technology platforms, offering one-stop CRDMO services globally for plasmid production, mRNA synthesis and encapsulation process development and manufacturing, and nucleic acid analytics. With a rich portfolio of over 130 companies, CATUG specializes in RNA-LNP services and excels in full-process development and GMP production of mRNA-based drugs. For more information about CATUG Biotechnology, visit 


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