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Carcell and OBiO enter into a strategic agreement for lipid nanoparticle services

Carcell Biopharma (“Carcell”) and OBiO Technology (“OBiO”) are pleased to announce their collaboration to provide lipid nanoparticle (LNP) services worldwide.

This collaboration aims to deliver contract research and manufacturing services globally for clients developing LNP-based drugs. These services will utilize Carcell’s proprietary cationic lipids and unique high throughput in vivo lipid screening platform, coupled with OBiO’s advanced capabilities for large-scale manufacturing of LNP-based drugs. Under the terms of the agreement, OBiO will have non-exclusive rights to utilize Carcell’s LNP technology for servicing its clients.

Lanlin Wu, CEO of Carcell, said, “Carcell is thrilled to be collaborating with OBiO to deliver a comprehensive suite of contract research and manufacturing services for clients requiring bespoke LNP solutions. Together, we will harness our combined strengths to drive the development and accessibility of LNP-based therapeutics worldwide.”

To learn more, visit OBiO's WeChat page to view the Chinese press release at:


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